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Stand Tall Together!

How is it possible that the year will be coming to an end in less than 36 days?? Time truly is speeding up. Have you ever played the game Tetris? It's a video game that involves moving blocks of different shapes and colors into even lines and each time you replay, it goes faster and faster. As you get more skilled at putting the blocks in place, the challenge advances to how quickly you can do it! You are now at a place in your Iife when you can get all the blocks in place, but the challenges now are coming faster and faster.

It's easy to get discouraged. After all, so many of you have been working on yourselves for years - even decades. When you first started, you had big expectations for your future. It's easy to think you are failing when challenged with putting the blocks in place at a much faster pace, but the current challenges aren't challenges to knock you down, but challenges to lift you up. Many of you learned how that first negative conclusion you made about yourself at birth or shortly thereafer was woven like a heavy blanket that now, after many years, is soggy, wet and burdensome. You've been carrying this blanket for years wondering why your life is struggle-filled. But, now, you can throw it off. You are digging deeper and reaching farther than ever before. You can't change the world if you remain hidden under a heavy blanket of unforgiveability, or beliefs that you are unlovable, powerless or weak. Like a great movie, your past may be filled with crises, but that is what makes the movie interesting. And, also, like a great movie, the hero and heroine rise to the challenge and beat down the monsters and demons to rise triumphant.

You are rising. You have triumphed over your past and will continue to rise until you soar. Though I'm not sure what the Phoenix was doing while all of the ashes were accumulating ... despite the chaos and destruction, it rose above it all to soar. You have destroyed so many of the negative beliefs that were ensconced in your self-judgment and in beliefs that self-punishment would provide the freedom you were seeking. But now, you can see that freedom comes, not from judging and punishing but from forgiving yourself for even your worst flaws and deeds. There is an entirely new Future ahead - a Future where you have to know how to put all the blocks in place at a faster pace than ever before. These blocks aren't negative challenges and obstacles that may seem familiar from the past, but are the building blocks for a new future.

You are healing yourselves so that you can heal others - so that as wayshowers, you can lead the way into an entirely new world where your skills and talents as healers, seers, magicians and visionaries aren't just important, but critical. It is critical that you keep going even if the fire seems too hot - even if it feels like you might be consumed by the flames of a too heavily ridden pain-filled past. You are not your past. You are a mediary of a New Future. You can't give up. You didn't come here to fail. No matter how difficult it may seem, the sun still comes up the next day and each day you can start new. You can start fresh, just a bit wiser than you were the day before.

And each day, you are wiser. Now that you've busted your self-punishment matrix, you can forgive the past. You can be gentler with yourself and open to receive the love that can fuel you to keep flying higher. The game is speeding up, but you are up to the challenge. You know how to put the blocks in place and are just being challenged to do it faster. Don't forget it is a game. Don't make it too real. Now, in the light of your own self-forgiveness, you can lick your wounds and rise up stronger than ever before. The fires of the past can make you stronger than ever before, like forged steel, yet so vulnerable in your caring, giving and being.

The world is changing. It is what so many of you have been working toward for decades. It's here now and calling upon you to keep going. You are succeeding! Stand tall and lead the way with your courage, with your heart full and alive with a vision and sense of self-empowerment. You can and do make a difference!

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