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C u r r i c u l u m


Training Schedule

Here is your training agenda for the next 12 weeks. Each week a new module will become available to you.  Enjoy this journey and fully immerse yourself in the program.  If you haven't done so already(Note: before you embark on Lesson 1, take some time to complete your Orientation Materials to prepare yourself fully for this program).



  1. Explore what change really is and your resistances to change + meditation

  2. Conscious Reality Creation -  uncover how reality really works

  3. The innate power of the brain and how to alter engrained brain patterns

  4. Discover your personality drive and use it to integrate to your highest self

  5. Open to your passion and uncover what you are truly here to do

  6. Embrace your emotions and use their power to propel you forward

  7. Address fear – alter automatic fear programs

  8. Discover the unique link between your mind, brain and body and your innate abilities to heal

  9. Overcome interference and obstacles to embracing your power and true sense of Self

  10. End the old and embrace the new you with a new image and new identity

  11. Open to receive the bounty of love and abundance available to you

  12. Step into a newly designed life and plan to take your Great Work out into the world.

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