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M O N E Y  M A G I C A L L Y

available in both book and e-book format

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From Cocoon to Butterfly

31 Days to Transformation Meditation Series

Sign up for this wonderful meditation series where everyday for 31 days, you receive a beautiful recorded meditation & affirmation on topics such as:  "I Am Amazing", "I am Powerful", "I Am Loved", "I Am A Winner", "I Am Blessed", "I Am Enough", "I Am Triumphant" and 24 more!  Every day, you will receive a recording with a new  positive "program" to install deep in your subconscious. Then all day you look for evidence of this positive belief in your day-to-day life while reaffirming it through both your inner and outer self-talk. The goal is to habituate a new way of thinking, coming in alignment with these positive beliefs.  Through repetition, create new neuronal pathways based on self-worth, self-confidence, self-love and more.  Can you  imagine how different you can be when every day you are reminding yourself of who you truly are and reaffirming the most positive qualities about yourself? Who will you be after 31 days!

Sign up for Cocoon to Butterfly Meditation Series

Only $29.95 for 31 Recorded Meditations with music and daily affirmations

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