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Looking to the Future

Here we are at the end of a year, about to embark on a new one. What will the new year hold? As we look back and reflect on the ups and downs of the year past, we also have an opportunity to look forward and contemplate what we expect for the next year. We tend to look backwards when we are afraid of the future, but it doesn't have to be that way. We can take charge of our future by designing what we want, connecting with its power and then resonating in the joy it engenders in the present. We are on a threshhold. It can be exciting to be on a threshhold because we can look ahead and realize we have the power to create the year ahead with everything we truly want to have and enjoy.

This New Year can be completely different than any times past. This is a time when nearly everyone contemplates what they will do differently in the year to come. What are your expectations for the new year? What do you want in to create or accomplish? We can put all our goals and dreams into the resonance of the future. There is something exciting about a new year, but particularly exciting about this new year. We are excited because we are hopeful that what is yet unwritten can be better and more than we have ever experienced before. On the brink of a new year, we tend to imagine the best. Resolutions are made in anticipation of doing things differently, but there is much more power to the Future than just the doing. Though many people know that setting goals is important, it is the focus that brings the goals into being. That is because the Future holds its own power - a power that few even know about and yet fewer ever tap.

Even if we know the future is powerful, it is easy to lose our focus and fall into old patterns of the past. It is easy to reflect more on what isn't working rather than what can be. Yet, we can use the Future as the powerful resource that it is. We can design and live the lives we want. It is no longer about looking backwards. It is about looking forward and taking charge of what we want that Future to be. Consciously creating what we want in our lives means being conscious about what we are thinking, saying and doing all of the time. Though we may not be adept at being conscious every moment, finding a balance over what we want, what we know and what we do is what puts us in charge of our lives in a conscious and powerful way. The Future has power that we can tap simply by putting our attention and focus on where we are going. In that way we choose what that future is going to be.

So many who are creating positive and amazing change in your lives already recognize your view of what the future holds is quite different than any of your "pasts." When we know where we are headed, when we know that what lies ahead is magnificent and fulfilling, it changes us in the present. We feel happy, even excited. We no longer are scared and anxious in the present. We can relax and savor each moment. We have an opportunity every day to be in a space of anticipation rather than of anxiety, of enthusiasm rather than dread. We can put what we want in the future and let its magnetic pull carry us forward. We can make a map to follow for the rest of the year. Its exciting to know we have power in our lives, but even more so that we can take charge of where we are going.

So, what do you want to create in the upcoming year? More money? More love? Better health? It doesn't matter what you want because in truth it is all possible. That is what the future is. The Future is the power of the possible and anything is possible.

So, as we contemplate another year coming to an end, let us turn our attention forward and imagine the possibilities. Let's allow our imaginations to expand - expanding what is possible. It is the Future that engenders excitement in the present. We can work privately to create wonderful personal lives, but we can also co-create a magnificent world. What future is creating this present? What future is already pulling us to toward a magnificent new world. I can't wait to see!

Much love and blessings to all of you at this wonderful time of year. May this be the best Christmas, Hannukah, Kwansaa... that any of you have ever experienced!


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