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One of the smartest strategies of the world class is doing what they love and finding a way to get paid for it.

We tend to make affirmations unconsciously, and since

our words become reality, our affirmations have the

power to create great changes in our lives.  Affirmations

can replace the negative self-talk that we aren't even 

aware we're doing.  Find an affirmation that resonates

with you and start repeating it as many times a day as you

can.  Here are some suggestions:


  • I am wealthy and becoming wealthier.

  • I am a multi-millionaire worth $_____________.

  • Everything I want comes to me in abundance.

  • I am grateful for the wealth I receive and am continuing to receive.

  • My life is overflowing with wealth and riches.

  • I can manifest money easily and effortlessly.

  • Money comes to me without effort.

  • Everything I do is successful.

  • I am grateful for the continuouse abundance in my life.

  • I have a golden touch. Everything I touch turns to gold.

  • Every day I become more and more wealthy.

  • Wealth is pouring into my life daily.

  • My great wealth gives me peace, happiness and joy.

  • I am blessed with great wealth.

  • I continually find opportunities to make more money.

  • I am worthy of incredible wealth.

  • I have unlimited sources of wealth.

  • I am incredibly rich! 

  • Money is a spiritual endeavor that continually fulfills me.

  • I magnetically attract money into my life. 

  • Money comes to me in surprising ways

  • I openly receive riches into my life.

  • Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

  • Because I am wealthy i can better the lives of others.

  • Wealth constantly flows into my life.

  • I am aligned with the energy of prosperity.

  • I constantly attract opportunities to create more money.

  • My wealth provides me a life beyond my dreams.

  • I openly receive great bounty and prosperity.

  • Money gives me great rewards

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