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Moving Beyond Fear

They say that horror films are more popular than ever! Are you a horror film buff? If not, then you probably can't imagine why anyone would pay money just to be terrified for 2 or more hours, but, horror film Director Wes Craven says he's ever amazed at how many people tell him "Thank You!" The phenomenon of successful horror films is based on the fact that fear - more rampant than ever in our current workd - is so inherently denied and ignored that often the only release is to scream and quiver in the dark shadows of a movie theatre. What are your remedies for fear?

* Do you push it down and away - getting really skilled at ignoring it * Do you turn to prescriptive drugs or alcohol to assuage it * Do you find yourself processing and processing but nothing ever changes * Do you put on a happy face and refuse to acknowledge it * Do you withdraw from life, hiding and waiting for when you can begin to live again....

We all have our ways of dealing with fear and are taught to do so. We're encouraged to cope and to ignore it and, unfortunately, often only deal with it when we have no other options, such as a terminal illness, loss of a relationship, losing a job or creating a life riddled with loss or pain. Often, only then, will we face it because we have no other choice! But, fear is supposed to be our ally.

From earliest Cro-magnon man, fear was to keep us alert to fight or flee! Though today we no longer live in pure survival mode, fears keep escalating. We see it in the news with horrific violence and terrorism and we experience it close to home. My gosh, there was a cobra loose in my neighborhood only a few months ago! Is it safe to even go outside?

It's time to deal with fear and - more than deal with it - it's time to take charge of it and move beyond it with skills and tools to carry us forward into a whole new future. Where do you stand on the scale between anxiety and phobia? You don't have to be a victim of it any more. You can Move Beyond it.

You can discover your personal pattern of fear, where it comes from and how much of it is exaggerated due to faulty advice that says to ignore or suppress it. Pains and traumas of the past leave scars and often those scars put us in anxiety in the present because we fear what may happen in the future.

You don't need me to tell you that the world is in the crisis of change. Fear is escalating all around us, but we can alter this escalation and turn it in a new direction. Maybe you're exploring the idea of taking your wisdom and talents out into the world, but how can you do that if you are riddled with fear - fear of being good enough, fear of being rejected, fearl of making a mistake, fear of being humiliated or abandoned. With fear, you will find yourself withdrawing, hiding and dimming your light. It's so important to move beyond fear now! Don't you agree, it's part of your destiny to do so? It's scary to face our fears, but so destructive to deny or ignore them. As you'll soon see, there are steps to getting there that aren't all that difficult or even frightening. I hope you'll join us for our next class in Moving Beyond Fear.

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