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Quiz: Do You Come From a Narcissistic Parent?

The concept of narcissistic parents is becoming more well known in recent years. Perhaps because so many people like you - on the path to reclaiming their True Self - are ready to address the distorted love you got (or didn't get) in childhood. Narcissism refers to the total self-centered focus of your mother or father that left you feeling abandoned, unsafe and knowing you had to fend for yourself. Understanding the dynamics of a narcissist family can be a big step in moving out of the false beliefs you formed as a result of the mixed and distorted messages you got as a child.

Take the following quiz and see what you discover:

1. There were secrets that went on in your that were never disclosed or discussed. __ True __ False

2. Whenever the family was out in public, you were required to pretend that you were the "perfect" happy family i.e, "put on a happy face." __ True __ False

3. You were prohibited from discussing upsetting events in the family or displaying "inappropriate" emotions. What goes on at home was "nobody's business." __ True __ False

4. Outside appearances were more important than the truth. You soon learned that what the neighbors thought was more important than what was really going on. __ True __ False

5. You were given more negative messages about yourself than positive ones, ie. "you're not good enough", "why can't you be more like so and so"; "you're such a disappointment", "what man/woman would want to be with you." __ True __ False

6. You soon learned that you were born to take care of your parents not the other way around. __ True __ False

7. Your privacy boundaries were often breached, i.e, mother or father read your diary, entered your room without asking, and said inappropriate things. __ True __ False

8. Your were taught that how you felt was unimportant and to be ignored from which you learned to deny and repress your real emotions. __ True __ False

9. Your parents had total control over you and your siblings and whether they were right or wrong didn't matter. __ True __ False

10. Your successes and achievements were only praised to outsiders or in front of others. __ True __ False

Let us know what you come up with and we'll send you the results!

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