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Personality Quiz 


You should have already gotten your score for the short quiz you took.  Here's what those scores mean:


14 or less:  If your score was 14 or less, you are most likely a Do Right/Perfectionist personality.  You are a reformer and a change maker. You like to have well defined rules so you and those around you know what to do.  You are principled, purposeful and idealistic.  You are an effective change maker and driven to do the right thing in all you do, but often can be overly critical and harsh with yourself as well as others.  It can make you very angry when others don't follow the "rules."  


15-23.  If you scored between 15 -23, you are most like a Lover/Pleaser personality. You are a humanitarian and caregiver. You tend to do more for others than you do for yourself. You are generous, kind and caring and often praised for your self-sacrificing nature. You thrive on being appreciated for all you do, but can tend to be too self-sacrificing such that your giving is not received well - even rejected.  You can become sarcastic, even hostile when you feel your good gestures are unappreciated.  To learn more, download my e-book called "Discover What Drives You" and look up the Two personality. 

If you want to learn more, download my e-book called "Discover What Drives You" and look up the Two personality. 


24 -32.  If your score was between 24 - 32, you are most likely an Achiever/ Performer personality. You are an action person and an successful in all you do.  You like nice things and are often admired for your accomplishments. You are successful, driven, and known for your innate skills and talents.  But, often your drive to achieve and be admired can lead to being perceived as phony and out of touch with people and how you really feel. 


33-41.  If you scored between 33 - 41, you are most likely an Creative/Special personality. You are an individualist and don't like to do things like anyone else. You are in touch with who you are and not afraid to express yourself, often in dramatic ways. You are flamboyant and expressive.  People find you fascinating to be around, but you can also be melodramatic and overly emotional.  You can get lost in the depth of your feelings, leading to deep depression and a feeling that you just don't matter.


42-50.  If your score was between 42 - 50, you are most likely a Thinker / Observer personality.  You are a genius in your field. People often come to you for answers to questions on nearly anything because of your vast knowledge.  You love to learn and are often found hiding in your ivory tower studying or learning something new.  You are perceptive, and innovative and thrive on learning yet with all your knowledge you never quite feel you fit in and often withdraw trying to "figure things out."  You have difficulty expressing your emotions since you learned that intellect is superior and more reliable than emotions. 


51-59.  If you scored between 51 - 59, you are most likely a Safety/Security person.  You are loyal and true.  When asked to handle a task, you become fully committed and can be counted on to come through in any situation. You are engaging, responsible and totally reliable. You are known for your loyalty and reliability but can be incredibly stubborn and difficult to deal with simply because you have to do things in your persnickety way.  Fear prevents you from being spontaneous and really able to enjoy your life.  


60-68. If your score was between 60 - 68, you are most likely a Fun/Pleasure personality.  You are spontaneous and fun loving. You have a multitude of interests and tend to be good at all of them.  You are busy, versatile and optimistic.  You don't dwell on the negative and are quick to brush problems off and go on to enjoyable things.  You are known for your spontaneity and enthusiasm but can also tend to overdo in your constant need to keep busy.  In essence you are a fear-based personality and avoid the fear by keeping constantly on the move and gobbling up whatever pleasure and enjoyment you find along the way.  


69-77.  If your score was between 69 - 77, you are most likely a Leader personality. You are a born leader.  People are drawn to you because of your charm and charisma.  You are dynamic, confident and a champion to the underdog.  People turn to you for your great leadership qualities and your ability to make decisions and follow through on seeing that they get done.  You thrive on being in a position of leadership but often are unaware of how domineering and tyrannical you can be. You demand loyalty and that people follow your dictates without hesitation.  You can become a bully when you feel out of control.  


76 -81.  If your score was between 76-81, you are most likely a Peacemaker personality. You are easygoing and diplomatic. You tend to get along with everyone because you are agreeable and receptive to other's ideas.  You seek union with others and the world around you.  You are a pleasure to be around because you are nonjudgmental and supportive of others.  You thrive in a calm and peaceful environment and hate any kind of confrontation.  You seek the peace above all else and often sell yourself out just for the sake of it.  Over time you lose your ambition and just try to fit in and not rock the boat. You often believe its best to remain in the background because your thoughts and opinions just don't matter to anyone else.


If you want to learn more download my e-book called "Discover What Drives You."  You'll be fascinated at what you will learn and what a powerful tool this information can be to assist you to become the best that you can be!


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