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The 12 Days of Christmas MagicBox

12 Days of Programming

O N L I N E :

For 12 consecutive days you will be focusing on your goals and dreams for 2018.  Each day you will set aside time just for you so you can put all of your attention on the dreams you want to manifest. 


Each day you receive information, instructions and powerful meditations designed to imprint your subconscious, raise your vibration and work in compliance with the laws of the Universe to manifest your Desires. Here's what you'll get: 

1.  Daily lessons and instructions on manifesting, how it works and

what you need to do to set a resonance of what you want to create. 

2.  Information for the understanding of the power numbers and symbols for each day 

3.  12 rituals with steps and techniques for manifesting

4.  Printable worksheets and exercises to assist you to get specific on your desires

5.  Recorded and downloadable meditations to deeply impregnate your desires into your subconscious

6. Powerful processes to engage with the mental and spiritual energy of the Universe


Beautiful hardcover book that will look lovely on your coffee table, but it is more than just beautiful.  It is chock full of processes and techniques to program your goals and dreams into manifestation.

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