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"Like attracts like. Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believes, the subconscious mind identically creates."

        --Brian Adams"

Abundance and prosperity is a popular topic - mostly because

people just can't seem to change their money reality.  Basically, it

comes down to what you were taught about money.  And, if you

have always struggled with getting enough or having enough,

then it goes to what you learned, not just about money, but

about who you are and what you deserve.  If you've taken

other courses on abundance, read lots of books, or even worked one-on-one with someone and your money reality stays the same, there is another belief underneath what you have already discovered that holds your money reality in a limited place.  It is vitally important to discover what you learned about money that has created a limited financial reality, but just as important, are the beliefs that say you must stay limited.   The reason that your money reality has not changed even though you have made great effort to do so, is because you have beliefs that say changing it will be detrimental.  In this segment, we explore the beliefs you have that prevent you from changing.  

Why Are You Limited


Why You Stay Limited - Anne Sayers
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Exercise 7 & 8  - Resistance to change


Re-imprinting Meditation - Anne Sayers
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Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Daily Wealth Visualization

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