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From Ordinary to Extraordinary



August 3-5 / Los Angeles CA

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Are You Ready to Live Your Best Life Now?

From Ordinary to Extraordinary is 2 1/2 days designed just for you.  It is an opportunity for you to retreat from the busy-ness of your life to nurture, explore, release and transform all that has stopped your from being your most powerful, magical self!   It is your opportunity to put into practice all that you already know so that you can become a manifesting superstar! 


These times are calling for each of us to step up and be all that we can be.  It's time to release what has stopped you from making your mark - from being the change maker you have always known you can be.  This is your opportunity to open to your Truest Self and make a difference in your world -

so you can make a difference in THE world!   

Do you hear the call.?  Yes!   Join Me!

This Weekend is for You if You are:

  • Feeling stuck and unable to move in the direction of your desires

  • Longing to manifest more happiness and love in your life

  • Feeling frustrated with an inability to create the successes you desire

  • Yearning to discover your true purpose and make a difference in the world

  • Feeling called to assist others but don't know where or how to start

  • Ready to embrace who you truly are and be all that you can be

  • Longing to live a magical life where you can elegantly manifest all that you desire

For over 30 years I have been studying conscious reality creation, success, love, happiness and, oh yes, magic.  What I have learned will astound you.  It will captivate and enthrall you.  And, most of all, it will excite you.   You will feel these things because you will realize that it is available to you.  In fact, it is available to anyone.  You can become a manifesting superstar!


Whether that be more money in your life, more loving relationships, more happiness or incredible physical health, it is available to you and every one else on the planet.  You have already learned so much about manifesting - in these 2 1/2 days, we are going to put what you know to work so you can start manifesting all that you desire with aplomb.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

is designed to:

Help you understand how to manifest in harmony with the true physics of our world

Assist you to discover what holds you back from living the life you've always wanted to live

Guide you to release and alter the limiters that have been made manifesting a challenge

Provide you with the tools necessary for true empowerment in your day-to-day life

Assist you to discover your true passion and how to convert it into action

Guide you to embrace your true power and bring it out into the world.

You, too, can live a magical life by aligning your principles and goals into an empowered future of your design.


I've met a lot of people over the years, but have not yet met anyone who truly knows how to consciously create their reality - and by that I mean to be able to manifest what you desire and make it happen when you want it to happen.  Though the principles and concepts may not be new to you, the application will be.

You will view your world in a whole new way.

You will no longer be a victim who is powerless over the people and events in your world.

You will be more honest with yourself than you have ever been before.

You will love yourself in a way you never before thought possible.

You will learn how to manifest what you desire - like MAGIC!

Your life can becomeMagical!

What to Expect

From Ordinary to Extraordinary is more than a class.  It is a personal experience that you will forever remember. 

In a safe and supportive environment, you will have an opportunity to learn, share and explore at a deep level. 


You will have an opportunity to learn much about yourself - secrets held in the deepest recesses of your subconscious and unconscious minds - secrets that have been stopping you from manifesting what you desire.  Deep in your subconscious, you will find a level of inner experience that effects change - change that can manifest in your personal world!


You will be be guided to discover thoughts, feelings and beliefs that have held you back from manifesting all that you desire 


You will be able to engage with others of like minds in an intimacy that fosters honesty and vulnerability. 

You will have an opportunity to connect with yourself and others in a way you’ve been longing to do, but may have never been able to do before. 

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Why I Created This Course

What does it mean to you to be ordinary?  To me, it is a painful word.  That may not be true for everyone, but I am assuming it is true for you and that you also don't want to be ordinary. 


And neither did I. 


I spent years working on myself along with reading hundreds of books and attending hundreds of classes.  As I continued to work on myself, I started to change and my reality did too.  But, it was hit and miss.  I never seemed to know if things were going to go well or fall apart. 


And then I started creating little miracles - like:

  • buying exactly the house I wanted with a loan less than the going rate and closing escrow in only 10 days! 

  • getting rid of a breast lump 100% through meditation.

  • bringing in tw0 buyers for a house I couldn't sell with a result of both them fighting over who would get it. 

  • talking in the inner worlds to a young driver's mom such that 20 minutes later, she telephoned that she was dropping any claims

  • bringing in $77,000 out of the blue in a matter of weeks

  • healing my heart 100% so I no longer need a pacemaker and ....

I rarely spoke to anyone about these things because no one would believe me. 


But, I kept working.  I kept practicing. And, then one day, I transformed a part that I refer to as "needy me" and when I did, I also transformed my life!  No longer did I struggle for anything.  In fact, abundance was pouring in with ease on every level.  I felt loved in every realm of reality.  Magic became a regular part of my life.  Now, I know I can focus on what I want and I will create that or better!

I no longer fear what people think about my magical life.  I have learned to talk in ways that make sense to people - though many may still not believe me.

I then realized that there are people out there that will believe me and, more, who want to learn how they can do it too. I have also merged my two passions - metaphysics and my love of teaching - into the perfect package.  Teaching what I love is what I am destined to do.


From Ordinary to Extraordinary is a class I created based on my journey to living a magical life.  It is designed to guide you to heal and change in a way that allows you to receive the magic that is waiting for you. 


I am thrilled to be sharing this information with you, but even more so, I am honored to guide you on your journey to becoming extraordinary. 

It is time to step into your true power and reap the benefits that are waiting or you!


Friday Night

The Power of the Future - Setting Your Dreams in Motion - (6:30 pm to 10:00 pm)

What's your relationship with your future? In other words, how do you feel about where you are headed?  We launch our weekend event with an understanding of the power of the future and how to operate from a new paradigm where you are a product of your future rather than of your past. Set your dreams in motion through a resonance based on who you are becoming rather than who you have been. Create a powerful foundation from which you can create a connect with a future of your dreams.  Set a resonance is set for the days to follow as well as for the rest of your life.  Evening session ends with a powerful meditation to set this new future in motion.


Conscious Reality Creation - How it Works  (9:30 am to 12:30 pm)

You've heard and read that you create your reality, but what does that really mean?  Today, we explore the physics of our world from the standpoint of how your thoughts, feelings and beliefs create powerful energies that are already creating the life you currently experience.  When you understand how reality works, you can work in harmony with it to take charge and begin to create what you desire.  The Law of Attraction is a small piece of what you need to know to become a manifesting superstar.  Session ends with a powerful meditation.

Sharing Circle - (2:00 - 3:00 pm)

In this segment you will have an opportunity to ask questions pertinent to what you want to manifest and what may be stopping you from creating it.   Sharing Circle is a magical time to ask questions and get positive feedback on steps you can take to start manifesting all that you desire.

Taking Charge of Your Reality - Tools to Manifesting - (3:00 pm to 5:00 pm)

Now, that you know how reality works, let's take a look at what you want and why you don't already have it.   What are the personal patterns that you replay over and over again?   What tools do you have that you are already using to manifest what you desire?  What is working and what is not working in achieving your manifesting goals?  How can you tweak and add to those tools to become stronger and more proficient in creating magic in your life?  What beliefs have you formed that are the foundation of your current reality.  Session ends with a powerful meditation.

Releasing What Stops You - Keys to Empowerment - (5:30 pm to 7:30 pm)

Magic happens when your thoughts and desires are in alignment with what you believe you deserve and can have.   To open to your true power, you need to release all that stops you from being an empowered, truly self-loving being.  Now, we peel off the layers of who you are not so that the True You can finally be seen and embraced by all.  Day ends with a powerful closing meditation to start pulling the pieces together.


Sharing Circle - (9:30 am to 10:30 am)

Our second Sharing Circle is another opportunity for you to ask questions and get answers on what you want to manifest and the best ways to do it.  Get guidance and positive feedback on steps to take to start manifesting your desires.

Opening to Receive - Love That Makes a Difference - (10:30 am to 12:30 pm)

Consciously creating your reality is what true magic is all about.  To live an extraordinary life, you open to the realm of the possible and open to receive the bounty that is waiting to be claimed.   What resistances do you have to receiving?  What resistances stop you from being truly loved by All That Is? 

Pulling the Pieces Together - (1:30 pm to 3:00 pm)

Today is the day to expand how you see yourself - to expand the personal image that holds the "old you" in place and to drop the armor that has guarded you for so long.  Today is the day you can finally open to receive and embrace the incredible you that has always been there ready to soar.  Now we pull all the pieces together of these 2 1/2 days so you can become extraordinary and start manifesting your desires.  Day ends with a powerful closing meditation.

Yes, sign me up!

I'm ready to move from an ordinary life to an extraordinary one.  Sign me up for a Magical Life!


---- Best Value ----

$295.00 before July 1st
$425 before Aug. 1st

I'm ready to move from an ordinary life to an extraordinary one.  Sign me up for a Magical Life!


$295.00 before July 1st
$425 before Aug. 1st

---- Best Value ----

Yes, sign me up!

I'm ready to move from an ordinary life to an extraordinary one.

I'm ready to move from an ordinary life to an extraordinary one.  Sign up before June 1st and save $220.





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What is a Magical Life?

The very concept of creating magic in your life goes against everything you were taught in a world where you are powerless and a victim of circumstance. So why should you believe me when I say you can create your life exactly the way you want it?   I understand.  As one student said to me, "That's a hard pill to swallow."


I agree.  We are taught to only believe in what we can see, touch and feel.  Magic is slight of hand - a trick.  It's not real, or so we are told. If you are one of those, then this course is not for you.

But if the idea of creating your reality has any appeal to you, if the idea of manifesting money, love, things appeals to you, then perhaps you should explore further. 

My favorite phrase has always been, "anything is possible."  Our quantum physicists have proven that all things are energy and sit in the realm of the possible.  They become real in our physical world through the power of our focus and attention.  Then energy that starts from thought begins to stir.  As focus and attention remains strong, the stirring energy grows bigger and bigger until it manifests in the physical.  Imagine what is possible with the power and energy of your focus and attention!

Your ability to create magic begins with these thoughts and ideas.  Come explore with me and so many others -  on a magical journey.

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