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    The 12 Days of Christmas 

Join us as we partake in the powerful energies of this time

of the year to put your dreams in motion. 

According to the Ancients, the 12 days from December 26th to the 6th Day of January, is one of the most powerful times of the year to set in place all your goals and dreams for the upcoming year. In fact, it was such a powerful time, that ancient leaders were banned from doing their magic during these days because of the powerful effects and results.  





This is a great time to follow ancient traditions for putting your dreams and goals in place so that 2018 can be all that you desire it to be and more.  Enhance your manifesting skills with online lessons, rituals, meditations and visualizations one every day for twelve consecutive days.  Just imagine the power you can set in motion for each of your goals and dreams!

  • 12 sets of instructions with powerful tools to enhance and increase your manifesting success 

  • Historic background information on the significance of each day and its number in the sequence of 12

  • Fun rituals to lift your resonance to hold your desires in place

  • Prayers and incantations to claim and demand your goals and dreams

  • Worksheets and exercises to deeply imprint your goals into your subconscious mind

  • Recorded, downloadable meditations and visualizations to hold your attention and focus on what you want to create

The Tradition of Yule


The ancient season of Yule is a time of reflection and celebration. 

It is a time to connect in a relational way with your inner wisdom and with the people around you.  

Many cultures from the Vikings to Celts, from Egyptians to Hopi Indians honored the ritual of this sacred time to promote spiritual unity and personal attunement.  It is believed that at this time, the veil between worlds is so thin that you can touch the power of the more real and more easily bring your dreams into manifestation.   Make this both a fun and inspirational time to put your manifesting tools to use.

The Yule Log


In olden days, a large log called a Yule log was brought indoors and placed in the fire place.  

Often it had markings or drawings symbolizing the person who wanted to be released of their limitations. 

The log was lit and normally stayed lit for 12 days.  Even if it was not in flames, it continued to smolder until - on the 12th Night - the night before January 6th, it was intentionally extinguished.  

As part of your daily ritual for the next 12 days, you can light a large log in your fireplace or light a large candle and then light 12 separate candles, one each night of the 12 nights - all the way until the 12th Night.


Each day for the next 12 days, you will receive information, affirmations, meditations and little rituals in alignment with the significance of each day.  Put your dreams into motion as you plant the seeds of your desires for the upcoming year at this powerful time.


May All Your Dreams Come True

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