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30 Days to Manifesting Wealth

Negative Beliefs about Money:


Money is dirty.

People who want money are shallow.

Accepting money obligates me 

Being rich is a sin 

God must not want me to have money

God wants us to struggle 

God wants us to suffer 

Having money is greedy 

Having money makes you evil 

Bad people don’t deserve to have money 

I am separate from money 

I am smart and talented; I should get more!

I can never get ahead 

I can’t have money and free time 

I can’t handle having money 

I can’t have money 

I can’t save money 

I do not have enough to share or give away 

I don’t deserve to have a lot of money

I don’t have enough money 

I don’t know how to make money

Money makes me nervous

I give up when it comes to money 

I hate money 

I hate thinking about money

I do things I don't like to make money 

I feel guilty for having money 

I have to hustle to make money

I never have enough money 

people are really mean to rich people

I really don’t want money anyway

If I have money, people will be nice to me

I will never have enough

If I am successful, people will be jealous. 

If I have a lot, others will go without

If I have money, I’ll just lose it anyway 

If I have money, I’ll lose all my friends 

If I have money, people will try to get it 

If I have money, people will be jealous

I can't have more money than my father

If I lose money, I'd feel stupid

If I spend money, I won’t have any 

A smart person  should marry money

People who make money are smart

Even if you work hard, you’ll never be rich

I’ll never make money 

I’m blocked when it comes to money 

I’m broke and stuck 

I’m going broke 

I’m limited when it comes to money 

I’m not destined to have money  

I’m not good enough to have money 

I’m not good with money 

I’m not willing to do what it takes for money 

I’m not worthy of having money 

I’m powerless over money 

It's better to take less than be selfish

I just want enough to get by

It’s not fair that other's have a lot of money

It’s a hassle having money 

It’s bad to have money 

It’s bad to want money 

It’s impossible to make lots of money 

It’s more spiritual to be poor

It’s not spiritual having money 

It’s shameful being rich 

Making money is hard 

Money can’t buy love 

Money causes problems 

Money causes stress 

Money doesn’t grow on trees 

Money is a curse 

Money is a pain in the neck 

Money is dirty 

Money is frustrating 

Money is hard to come by 

Money is hard to deal with

Money is hard to get 

Money is the root of all evil 

Money slips through my hands 

Money will change me for the worse 

Never buy anything that you don’t need 

No matter what I do, I don't make money

Only a select few get to have money

Poor people are more happy 

Rich people are corrupt

Rich people are evil

Rich people are greedy 

Rich people are stuck up 

Rich people won’t make it into heaven

Rich people take advantage of others

Rich people think they are better than me

There is not enough money to go around

To save money you have to do without 

When I think about money, I shut down 

Worrying about money is tacky

You can never have enough money

You get what you deserve 

You have to break your back to make money

You have to struggle to survive

You have to suffer to get close to God

You have to work hard to have money 

The love of money is the root of all evil 

Money Beliefs

Positive Beliefs about Money:


Money is beautiful

People who want money are generous.

Money is energy to create good in my life

Money brings me joy

God has provided a world filled with abundance for all

I become richer and richer every day

Having money allows freedom

Having money makes you happy

Anyone can be successful

Money is part of All That Is

Money comes to those who really want it

I continuously look for new opportunities

I allow myself to dream

I can do anything I put my mind to

I allow myself to play and enjoy life

I can buy anything I desire

I always have access to money

I am willing to have a lot of money

I always have more than enough money

I make money easily and effortlessly

Money makes me excited

I manage and invest my money carefully

I lovemoney

I love thinking about money

I make money doing what I love

I am a magnet to prosperity & abundance

Making money is easy

I always have more than enough money

People are kind and respectful to me

I am abundant in all areas of my life

People are nice to me for who I am

I am charge of earning exactly what I want

I am building a financially stable future 

There is more than enough money for all

I am creative and capable

I am happy, healthy and whole

I am living an abundant, happy life

I am open to abundance

I am open to opportunities

I am prosperous, healthy and happy

I am saving more money every day

I am self-confident, loving and generous

Money makes me happy

I am successfull in everything I do

I am thankful for what money provides me

I am the center of power

I am the creator of my own life

I am the creator of my own success

I am the source of my abundance

I am wealthy

I am well paid

I accept the best life has to offer

I am worthy ot being rich

I appreciate all that I have

I attract all things that I desire into my life

I attract money into my life

I attract only lucrativel circumstances

I believe in unlimited possibilities

I bring love to everything I do

I can be successful in every job

I see opportunities to make money

I create money through joy and self-love

I choose abundance

I deserve to be financially independent

I deserve to be wealthy

I deserve to earn a lot of money

I earn money pursuing my passion

I deserve to be happy and prosperous 

I deserve to have nice things

I enjoy an abundance of money

I enjoy beeing rich

earning money is fun

I enjoy multiple streams of passive income

I expect and receive the very best

I focus on my goals daily

I focus on what I love and draw it to me

I forgive any and all debt owed to me

I give myself permission to do what I want

I give myself permission to have what I want

I have wealth in every area of my life

I honor myself at all times

I learn from my challenges

I live in an abundant universe

I love me and my success

I love money

I love to be around rich people

I manage my money wisely

I open to my inner guidance

I picture success for everyone

I receive money just by thinking luxuriously

I use money to make the world better

I value my money

I value my time and energy

Money flows to me easily and abundantly

Money is energy

Money is freedom

Money is my friend

Money is easy to get

My self-worth and net worth are building

There are no limits to my imagination

Unexpected money simply falls into my lap

With every day I become richer and richer

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