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30 Days to Manifesting Wealth

Wealth Affirmations

                                                      Affirmations can be very successful and very helpful, but there are a few secrets that                                                         you need to know.   First of all, I have found that longer affirmations are better than                                                         the shorter ones - not  because your subconscious doesn't accept them, but because                                                         you don't have to put much effort into remembering them.  The longer affirmations

take some effort.  You have to think about the words and repeat them often which gets your brain in gear and neural pathways start forming.  This is an important part of the learning and changing process. 

Second thing to remember is you want the wording of the affirmation to be both positive and believable.  Your subconscious is very literal so if you say "I want to be rich" - nothing in your reality is going to change because you are only in the "wanting" stage.  So be very clear and specific on the words you choose.

Thirdly, the affirmation should be something that isn't too big of a stretch for you to believe, but just a little bit of a stretch- just enough to make you a little bit uncomfortable.  For example, saying "I am a billionaire" probably is too big of a stretch (unless you are already a multi-millionaire.)  So a better affirmation might be "I am continually increasing my wealth" or "every day I earn more and more money."

Fourthly, be aware that if you have chosen well and are repeating a powerful affirmation that resonates well with you, you will hit resistances.  That doesn't mean you stop.  In fact, it means that the process is working so keep going and if the resistance is too big (like crises start happening) then clear out the resistance or add in a new affirmation to go with it, such as "the richer I am, the safer I am" or "the more money I have, the more I am loved.' Each of these address the fear that you're not safae or not loved, but write it to fit your specific needs.

Below is a list of some powerful affirmations to repeat as often as possible throughout your day.  Just pick one to start.  I usually say it over and over again as I am driving the car or in the shower or cooking dinner.  I repeate is 30-40 times.  I may then get busy with my day, but as soon as I have some alone time when I'm sitting driving for example or walking to the store, I start repeating it again.  It will take about 24 hours, but you should be feeling its resonance!  That means your subconscious is getting the message and you are on your way!


  1. The Universe is consistantly supplying money to me so that i have more and more than I ever thought possible.   I openly receive all abundance that comes my way with gratitude and love.

  2. .I always have more than enough money to do whatever I want and enjoy the ease and effortlessness with which I create everything I want all of the time.

  3. I know that I am totally and completely loved all of the time by ALL That Is and by the Universe.  I see evidence of this unlimited love in the unlimited bounty of love, success and abundance that flows through to me daily.

  4. Everyday I have more money coming into my life as I am a money magnet attracting it in every area of my life.

  5. I always knew that I would have great wealth and I am experiencing it now in my life on a daily basis.  No matter what I do or where I go, I keep getting more and more money.

  6. I am a money magnet that attracts money and great abundance in every venture and every activity.  I laugh with delight as I continue to watch my income grow more and more no matter what I do. 

  7. I am ever grateful for the great abundance that continues to flow into my life.  I willingly receive more money, more love, more happiness and more success as I continue to expand and grow as a loving, successful, wealthy person. 

  8. Money is my friend and is always there for me whenever I need it.  Like a great friend it is ever present and always supporting me without fail.

  9. I am a very wealthy and successful entrepreneur with unlimited resources at my disposal.  I am overflowing with ideas that never fail me and as a result I continue to succeed and grow more and more wealthy. 

  10. I have a positive money mindset knowing that I have the power and ability to create great financial success.  
    I am focused on getting richer and richer which is evidenced in my life on a daily basis. 


  11. Attracting money is easy and effortless.   My bank accounts keep increasing as money flows in to my life continuously providing more money than I ever thought possible. 

  12. Money is an energy that I attract with the power of my thoughts and the resonance of my feelings.  As I focus on having more money, I become a magnet that brings in great wealth that I enjoy with every waking moment.

  13. I am fully supported making money doing what I love to do.
     Money comes to me through expected channels but also surprises me as it comes through d unexpected channels.


  14. Every day I feel more and more like a millionaire.  I walk tall and proud knowing that my ability to make money is becoming stronger with each day. I build more and more confidence in my identity as a millionaire as I watch my income rise higher and higher every day. 

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